Among us The imposter


Among us The imposter


Action Games


Among Us The Imposter features many achievements to unlock. Again, the little characters of Among Us start a new adventure. Now each of the characters will have the opportunity to reach the goal of each level safely. The little characters of Among Us are trapped in a strange dimension, but that won’t stop the lovable characters who want to master this new adventure in a strange world full of dangerous objects. The objective of the game is to control the characters of Among Us and help them to run through the dangerous platforms of each level, jump at the right moment, avoid dangerous blades that are on the ground or are stuck on platforms. Avoid any obstacles on your way. You must help the little characters to arrive the finish line in each level. On your way you will be able to collect many points to improve your ranking. In this game you will have the possibility of unlocking many rewards that will make the game much more entertaining and fun.


Use Arrow or Touch and Slide

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