Machine Gun Gardener


Machine Gun Gardener


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Machine Gun Gardener is a funny endless defense-like first-person shooter game with cartoonish graphics and wacky characters. Protect your garden from the farm animals at all costs. Build hay tower turrets for automated protection and shoot them with your machine gun. You play as a rookie gardener thrown into battle to guard the garden and stop fiendish farm life from taking over and destroying your prized garden. You have to use your blast gun to shoot invading animals that seeks to eat and destroy the precious plants. You are out to exhaust all strategies needed such as flame thrower, automatic throwers/turrets and bombs to blast them out and defend the garden. You always need to keep the garden healthy by clearing the area and standing inside the damaged zones to heal and progress. If at any point their health meter reaches 0, the game is over. Unlock power-up rewards and perks along the way by completing levels. Pick off enemies one by one with your blaster or cause mass destruction by combining special weapon attacks, the choice is yours.


  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • Mouse = Look around
  • Left Mouse Button = Shoot
  • R (or Right Mouse Button) = Use special weapon
  • 1,2,3,4 (or Mouse Wheel) = Choose Weapon
  • SPACE = Jump
  • C = Pause Game
  • ESC (or TAB) = Show Controls/Pause (choose mouse sensitivity)

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Machine Gun Gardener

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