Stickman Epic Battle


Stickman Epic Battle


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Medieval themed stickman defense game with lots of action. In this epic battle you on your own fight all other stickman appearing on the battlefield. At the beginning you are equipped with a pretty simple spear and no armor. Throw the spear at the enemies. Adjust the power by sliding/dragging from left to right and up and down to choose the angle. Further in this action game you will need armor to protect you. Buy shields and helmets as well as better spears. Note, that some items require from you to have reached a specific level before you can buy them. For each battle you win you will be rewarded with coins. Besides the items from the store you can buy to protect you and be more competitive, you can by temporarily support for your stickman warrior. These support options are for example, freeze all enemies for 10 seconds,  a super arrow for more damage or build up your health power. Choose the normal campaign mode or choose the hard way and play the nightmare mode.


  • Mouse or Touch

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Stickman Epic Battle

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