KiziKart Racing

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  • KiziKart Racing


    Start your engines and race through wonderful worlds of this awesome kart racing game! Choose from different characters and their very own custom vehicles. The unique vehicles  have different max speed, acceleration, weapon power and resistance. There are three tournaments. Every tournament has 5 courses to finish and you need to be in the first three places of the race so you can unlock the next course. In every course there are a lot of obstacles that you need to overcome. There are also power ups that you can use for your advantage. Collect all the coins for added bonus. Unlock all 5 courses so you can play the next tournament! This HTML5 racing game is a game that has an awesome gameplay, features cute graphics, adorable characters and has challenging racing tracks too! Play this free kart game now and see how fast you can finish each track of this game!

  • Instructions:

    • Left/Right Arrow Keys: Drive Left/Right
    • Up/Down Arrow Keys: Accelerate/Brakes
    • X: Use power ups

    • Image KiziKart Racing
    • Image KiziKart Racing

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