Bunny Bunny Dig Dig


Bunny Bunny Dig Dig


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A rabbit spends all of his free time exploring underground depths in search of various treasures. Today we would like to invite you in the new exciting game Bunny Bunny Dig Dig to take part in his next adventures. In front of you on the screen you will see a certain area where your hero will be with a pickaxe in his hands. It is a mine. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to make the rabbit swing the pickaxe and hit the rock. So he will destroy it and move in the direction he needs. There are items underground in some places that you need to collect. You will receive points for every item you pick up. Various monsters can be found underground. You have to fight with them. With the help of a pickaxe, you strike the enemy and destroy them. If you do not have lives left or your torch goes out, you will die. Your loot will be added to your account.


- Arrow keys to move and use pickaxe

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Bunny Bunny Dig Dig

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