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Fury Bike Rider is a bike racing and simulator game with cool graphics, realistic physics, and various unique game features. There is a motorcycle purchase and development system in the game. You can choose to race against the artificial intelligence or drive freely.

Race Mode: There are 24 race tracks in Race mode. You are competing against 5 artificial intelligence and if you can enter the top 3 when the race is over, you will have the right to move on to the next race track. You will earn money according to the time you complete the race. In addition, the gained drift points and flight points you earned in the race convert to money.
There are 2 racing maps: Sky City and Rally Road.

Challenge Mode: Get to the finish line by overcoming challenging obstacles and qualify for the next level. You are racing against time in the Time Travel mode. There are 24 race tracks in total. When you reach the finish line, it is rated based on when you reached it. Get star ratings here. There are 2 challenge maps: Up The Sea and Deep Forest.

Free Driving Mode: A big city, huge mountains, plains, seas and ports. There are a lot of areas for you to explore in this area. Roam freely and have fun. There are 80 diamonds to collect in the free ride area. By collecting these keys, you can unlock new motorcycles. There is a countdown timer in the free driving area. The reward is given when this countdown is over. All you have to do is stand in the free ride area for 3 minutes. When the number of diamonds reaches a certain level, the vehicle is automatically unlocked.



  • Drive = ARROW KEYS or WASD
  • Nitro-Shift = N
  • Camera View = C
  • Handbrake = SPACE

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Fury Bike Rider

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